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Everything you see in the world, and all that is unseen, is formed, manifested and comes into existence by the interaction of magnetic and gravitational fields. Energy is everywhere around us in our environment and is within us. Different conditions and factors are involved in the creation of energy. The current method of energy production and use is not efficient; it is wasteful and damaging to our planet and its species. One of the biggest challenges for humanity is to find ways in which to harness and use available, abundant energy that is all around us without causing damage to species and our planet. Plasma technology is the solution. It will guide humanity to re-discover the natural order of universal energy exchange that leads to progress and implementation of universal knowledge on proper, sustainable, non-damaging energy management.

The current application of Plasma technology using nano materials and their fields is very much at the beginning stage. It is expanding the knowledge of humanity in terms of energy management and energy exchange. We are in a transition phase, moving away from utilizing destructive energy sources in favour of utilization of non-destructive plasma energy sources. During this development and learning transition phase, we are combining humanities existing knowledge of energy, that is used to runs our machines, with that of the relatively new knowledge of Plasma technology. The creation of Magravs Power Units, for example, helps humanity take a very large first step in understanding Plasma in energy application. The gravitational magnetical fields of plasma always seek balance given any condition. Plasma flows from higher gravitational magnetical field strength to lower gravitational magnetical field strength. We understand that conventional electricity flows in a current from the source, for example a generator, to the load, for example machinery, appliance, lights, etc. and then back to the source. In order to utilize Plasma energy we must create a similar and constant "flow" condition.

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